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This Acceptable Use Policy outlines the terms of using the Application Programming Interface services provided by Authorities, whose website can be found at https://al-mazrouei.com/.

The Policy is an integral part of our Terms of Service. If this Policy is violated, we may suspend and/or terminate your API subscription immediately.

API services can be used for a wide variety of different applications, so the following list of prohibited activities is intended as a guideline. These are not all-inclusive lists. Violations of this Policy may also result from acts or uses not specifically mentioned below.

In general, we will not tolerate any use of our API Services that is illegal, damages, or threatens to damage our reputation, or that causes us to incur any legal, tax, or regulatory liability.

Contact us at info@al-mazrouei.com before taking any further action if you are unsure if an action would violate this, Policy.